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Below are 6 easy tips to ensure your contest or sweepstakes is successful. Whether you are running it in a microsite or on Facebook, getting the basics right is key to making your campaign a success.

  1. Keep it Simple - To get the most participation, focus on making entering as simple as possible. A text based entry is the simplest and a good place to start. Make sure the instructions and steps are clear and easy. Use Facebook Login for a quick and easy way to create an account.
  2. Great Prizes - A great prize is the difference between a handful of entries and thousands. If people really want what you are giving away, they will invest a lot of time and energy into winning.
  3. Overlap Entry and Voting – As new people enter, they share with friends to get votes. If you overlap the entry and voting period you give the people who come to vote the opportunity to entry, maximizing the social marketing aspect of your campaign.
  4. Seed It – No one wants to be the first entrant. Start your contest by seeding it with a few good entries to get things rolling. It will also serve as good examples and provide inspiration for new entries.
  5. Multiple Ways to Win - The more opportunities to win the better, giving people more incentives to share. Offer a prize for runner ups and a random drawing for voters.
  6. Follow Up – After the contest is over, follow up with participants and let them know if they won or didn’t. Provide a coupon or another way for them to benefit as a consolation prize.

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